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Stefanie Jacobs
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Technology Solutions ProfessionalMicrosoft
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Student for Industrial Management, Accounting & Personnel Development, Digital Equipment Corporation, Munich

Study Accompanying Work Experience in the field of Personnel Management and People Development as an HR function

Response Specialist and Support Engineer at DEC, Madge Networks, Silicon Graphics and Yosemite Technologies in and around London, UK

A mix of junior and then more senior technical support roles while finding my feet in the United Kingdom.

Sales Engineer in various roles at Symantec, UK

I lived the career dream for about 10 years at this good software company. I started as an associated presales engineer and progressed up the chain to presales engineer, senior presales engineer, principle presales engineer to senior principle presales consultant.

Sales Engineer at Quadrotech, Europe, based out of the UK

My time at Quadrotech taught me to appreciate the world of startup organizations and how they differ from the big corporate environments

Technology Solutions Professional

Technical Sales taken to a new level: A powerful organization, powerful products and the freedom to express myself fully.

I am currently doing my favourite job, which I love. What better thing is there than getting paid for your hobby?

I'm a Technology Solutions Professional at Microsoft with extensive experience in the fields of data compliance technologies, messaging and information intelligence spanning the past 15 years. I'm also a practitioner of IT Infrastructure Library principles, working tirelessly towards a trusted, responsible and inclusive cloud.

English, German, Dutch
Information technology IT / ICT

Bust the Math Myth: “You can’t enter a STEM field if you’re bad at Math”. That's just not true! While having a natural competence in math can be helpful, skill and intelligence combined with consistent practice and effort are key. Get involved!! That’s the first step!

My Education
Industrial Manager
Munich Business School IHK
Munich, Germany
Counsellor (Center for Healing, Open University)
Business Studies, English Language, German, Mathematics, Accounting and finance
Staatl. Realschule Regen

I liked a variety of subjects and disliked many others - however what I discovered later was that my like/dislike had to do with the teachers of the subjects rather than the subjects themselves.

More about me

Persuasion and presentation skills, listening and being genuinely interested and passionate about your subject areas. A desire to help and a little humor goes a long way - however the most important skills are to treat everyone with the respect and dignity deserved.

Over time and with the help of some great mentors I had the pleasure to meet during my years in career. I still strive to learn something new every day. Learning doesn't stop when you are 30 (or 40, or 50, …)

I wanted to work with people, as a teacher initially, but then I focussed on HR functions. I ended up with a technical role by sheer luck! I'll tell you some time how that happened, if you're interested! ?

I would try not to let myself be influenced by group pressures during my early teenager years. I learnt quite late that it is better to be a leader, than it is to be a follower

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