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Hannah Neumann
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Customer Experience Manager Superdrug
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Sales Advisor - David Jones (Australia)

Whilst studying, I had this role in the retail fashion industry and it taught me so much about how to apply everything I was learning about Marketing and Management in a real-life situation. It also helped me realise I wanted to work in the corporate side of the retail industry.

PR Stock Coordinator - Australian Fashion Labels (Australia)

This was my first role after graduating and after interning with the company for over a year, they created this role for me. It was a lot of fun working for a fashion company as I learnt so much about how marketing affects all stages of product development from the design phase, through to online marketing.

Programs & Communications Assistant - Channel 7 (Australia)

This was my first role in a large corporate company and I really enjoyed working with many different teams on lots of projects. I worked in the communications team so spent lots of time on events with our celebrities (including all of the Home & Away stars), PR when we had some new exciting shows coming up and data marketing to understand the TV ratings. This was a great role but I wanted a new challenge, so decided to move to London to look for new opportunities.

Customer Experience Manager

I cover everything from managing projects that make sure we have the best in new and innovative technology online and instore, to working with some great charities and organisations, and even ensuring all of our store team members are giving the best customer service so every customer gets 'that Superdrug feeling'. Every day here at Superdrug is different!

Definitely my current one at Superdrug!
Every day here is different, which keeps me challenged and interested, and it's great that I can see the projects I am managing have a real impact on the business and our community of customers.

Hi everyone! I’m Hannah and I'm the Customer Experience Manager at Superdrug. My role has a title that you may not have heard before but basically it's my job to always be thinking about what we can be doing to make sure every customer gets the best experience when they shop with Superdrug. 

I moved from Adelaide in Australia to my new home in London to take the next step in my career in early 2018. I'm very excited to be working with such a great company and can honestly say I really love what I do. 

During the week you can find me in the Superdrug head office meeting with our teams on new projects , in central London catching up with one of our agencies or organisations, or in one of our over 800 stores managing instore activity for one of our brands. However, on the weekends, I love to explore so will either be on a new adventure in London or having a little break in a new city somewhere in Europe. 

Marketing, advertising and public relations PR

Always learn from your experiences!
Sometimes we need to take risks in my industry and sometimes they don't work out as we might hope. In these instances, it just means you should focus on the things that worked well and understand what you could do better next time. It's only a failure if you don't learn anything!
Do your research.
I love that I can research new trends and innovations in the industry and pitch those that I think could work for my company. It's so important to do your research first,as then when you're ready to present, you're prepared and can answer any questions your team may have for you.

My Education
Bachelor of Commerce (Dual Major in Marketing and Management)
University of Adelaide
Adelaide, Australia
Business Studies, Law, Mathematics, Psychology, Accounting and finance, Economics, Macroeconomics, Marketing    , Microeconomics, Quantitative methods , Retail marketing, Statistics 
Concordia College

I really liked that in my degree I had a lot of flexibility to choose the subjects that appealed to me. I didn't really enjoy the structure of University and wanted to apply all of my learning to real life experience, which is why I had a full time job whilst studying.

More about me

Organisation is key!
I work across so many different projects with so many different people and I need to make sure I am meeting all of my deadlines. This is a skill I have developed over time in my different roles.
It also is very important to be confident. I often have to pitch new ideas to my senior colleagues, and need them to approve them before we can start. Again I have learnt this over time, but I think something that has helped me feel more confident is being able to be thoroughly prepared before I get into any presentation. That way I know the answer to any questions they may have and really know what I'm talking about and what I'm asking for to make a project happen.

I worked and was an intern throughout my degree, which was a great way to apply the knowledge I was learning from the textbooks to real-life situations. I also spent time growing my skill set at the start of my career in jobs with smaller responsibilities, which meant I had the time to learn new skills before being promoted to management roles. Also, I will always be looking for new ways to develop my skills - whether that's through taking on new learning or even different projects that may challenge me

I wanted to be a lawyer, so I started my University career in a double degree of Law and Commerce. I decided about 2 years in that I wasn't as passionate about Law, so finished my Bachelors degree in Commerce.

I wouldn't do anything different! I made some big decisions to change my degree and move to the other side of the world to seek some career opportunities but every challenge I've faced I've just used as a learning curve.

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