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Bettina Boerner
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Head of ProductionDe Beers Jewellers, London
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Goldsmith - Workshop Manager, C ONE, London

I was making jewellery on the bench, one-off pieces, masters for production, client requests. With gem stones, mainly in gold and platinum. I also had to manage outside workers and generally "get stuff done" I was fresh in London and it was very exciting!

Quality Controller, De Beers Diamond Jewellers, London

I started at De Beers, as a Quality controller, looking at and checking our Jewellery is made perfect. I checked all the jewellery with the loop, paying attention to all the details and making improvements. Due to my background as a Goldsmith I knew how we could improve and prevent issues in the future (and also worked very hard!) so I changed responsibilities quickly.

Technical Production and Quality Manager, De Beers Diamond Jewellers, London

I quickly took over more responsibility - esp with the focus on developing and making sure technical details are correct. As before, due to my background as a Goldsmith I could understand the making process of our products and could focus on improvements. As I joined the company just 3 months after it opened, we had a lot of growth coming up - and I personally developed with the company. I learned to be more diplomatic, work with different cultures and deal with very tricky dead-lines. We opened loads of new stores and every day was a challenge and excitement!

Head of Technical Production and Quality Manager, De Beers Diamond Jewellers, London

Well - I gained more experience and responsibility - by then I had a team, recruited staff, worked/ travelled world-wide and develop a lot of wonderful jewellery

So much to list - the main focus for me was on the development and quality of our pieces. Working with Marketing/Design on new designs, liaising with the workshops to produce the pieces correct at the right price at the right time. A lot of meeting people, helping find solutions, challenges and loads and loads of beautiful diamonds! Also, a lot of emails.

Head of Production
De Beers Jewellers, London

Making sure the best quality and most beautiful pieces of jewellery get developed and produced, at a right cost and on time. I also have responsibility for the Production Planning aspects of the business, basically everything to do with cost/schedules/timelines. I do product development, with more of a focus on the High Jewellery pieces (the big big bling!) with a larger team. I also audit our workshops, to cover the social/environmental aspects of the trade.





English, German, French

For my work now it's important to juggle many balls - pay a lot of attention to detail and be flexible on so many levels. For me personally, it's a major benefit to have come from the actual Goldsmith training, knowing all the production processes in depth. Esp as a female having to tell older males in the industry to helps to have detailed knowledge! 

My Education
Goldsmith Apprenticeship (Degree apprenticeship)
Goldschmiede Schule Pforzheim
Pforzheim, Germany
Chemistry, Mathematics
More about me

I've collected Minerals, made Jewellery and generally created stuff since I was little!

Pay more attention to History, Geography and Languages... That you learn for yourself, not the teacher.

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