Company Registration

Our partner companies have profiles on Modern Muse which explain what they do, the vision, culture, diversity initiatives and careers available. This includes intern, apprenticeship and graduate opportunities.

Users can see which Muses work at your company, highlighting a commitment to gender diversity and the variety of roles available to women in your organisation.

By becoming a Modern Muse Partner, and supporting our campaign, you’ll also:

  • Publicly demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to celebrating, nurturing, and developing female talent
  • Gain insight into the next generation of talent – potential future employees can ask you questions
  • Promote the breadth of opportunities available in your organisation, raising awareness globally to support your recruitment pipeline
  • Engage your employees to be part of the inspirational force that drives social change, closes the gender gap, and reaches girls before they make higher education or career choices.

If you’re interested in becoming a Modern Muse Partner, get in contact with us at